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Are you looking for a unique idle RPG experience? Take a team of remarkable heroes from a brave knight to a powerful wizard through a progressive grinding dungeon game like no other.

Idle In Dungeons!

Do you have chores to do, family to entertain, or work to do? That’s fine because you can play Dunidle by having it run entirely in the background. There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting down and relaxing after getting life out of the way to see the progress you’ve made in Dunidle!

Slay Epic Bosses & Monsters!

Dunidle is as fun as it is challenging. Upgrade your heroes by defeating unique monsters you won’t see anywhere else. However, don’t assume that just because Dunidle is an idle game that the monsters are forgiving. Keep upgrading your heroes to take on some of the most unforgiving bosses you’ve ever encountered!

Choose Your Heroes & Build The Best Team!

Unlike other idle games, which only have a handful of playable characters, you get a wide selection of 13 different heroes in Dunidle! You can choose from a combination of Knight, Thief, Archer, Priest, Wizard, Barbarian, Druid, Bard, Templar, Necromancer, Gunslinger, and Reaper. Whichever combination of heroes you decide to play is up to you! That’s the beauty of Dunidle!

Tons of Upgrade and Items!

There’s no shortage of different items you earn along your idle journey. Everything from in-game currency to different items are used to help your heroes face off against ferocious bosses. You’re going to need these upgrade items as the game gets harder the more you play. Fortunately, the game has enough upgrades and items to aid you in battle!

Many Players Love Playing Dunidle So Far!

Dunidle might be an idle game, but it has some of the most incredible feedback from our player base. Take a look at the fantastic reviews left by players who have a hard time putting the game down!
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Dunidle is not your average run-of-the-mill idle game. It was created with the concerns of hardened idle gamers in mind. Players want to continue their progress through the game when life interrupts them and want to face off against challenging opponents when they sit down to play. Dunidle gives players the best of both worlds, so what are you waiting for? See what Dunidle has to offer and download it today!


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